How have you been your own Hero? Who has been there to teach you what it means to be a Hero. We can't fly or shoot lasers from our eyes but we all can become Heroes. Heroes is the journey of Comic Book and Graphic Novel Readers who chose to be inspired and become Heroes in there own story.  Shot and Filmed at Rook's Comic and Games and with their Patrons.


Directored and Written: Zach Gartner. Cinematography: Johnathon Van Houdt Sound. Sound: Randa Adams. Edited by: Zach Gartner and  Johnathon Van Houdt

Filmed by Montana State University Engineers Without Borders Chapter students in 2011, Meet Me Katikati (literally, 'Meet Me in the Middle') explores the ethic underlying the chapter's long-term interdisciplinary partnership with western Kenya's Khwisero District. Initially focused on providing water and sanitation infrastructure at the district's 60-odd primary schools, the effort has evolved into an empowerment-focused "social project with technical aspects."


Directors: Katie Ritter, Zach Gartner. Cinematography: Dolan Personke, David Dalla Gasperina, Zach Gartner, Katie Ritter. Editors: Katie Ritter, Refah Seyed Mahmoud, Jared Berent. Music: Ramzi Bashour. Graphics: Refah Seyed Mahmoud.

All Media is Copy Written and Owned by Zachery Gartner.